What Type of Coffee Drinker Are You?

Have you ever wondered what type of coffee drinker you are? Or, a better question to ask is probably if you have found your perfect brewing method yet.  Just like there are infinite personality types, every person has their preference on how they enjoy their coffee.  Discovering what type of a coffee drinker you are can elevate your coffee experience to a new level of amazing.  The good news is that we can help you out; ask yourself a few of these questions and decide what type of coffee drinker you are!

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Do you like the ability to control details, but still keep things rather simple?

You should try Drip Coffee.

Drip coffee is the simplest and cleanest way to draw out a coffee’s best qualities, but it is still delicate and complex.  This method allows you to control every variable in the brewing process, creating a cup that’s suited exactly to your preferences. Drip coffee allows you to highlight the unique character of each coffee without too much fuss.

Learn how to master the method of Drip Coffee here!


Are you someone who appreciates style and a more complex approach to the craft of coffee?

Manual Espresso is the method for you.

With both speed and style in practice, manual espresso is one of the most complex processes to truly master.  This is the perfect method for the at-home coffee aficionado; there is nothing more satisfying than bringing the espresso experience home and crafting it for yourself.  The results should be an espresso that is both rich and sweet, and once you get a taste of espresso done right, it’s impossible not to seek more.

Want to test your skills? Try following our Manual Espresso Brewing Guide.


Are time and cost things that stand between you and your perfect morning cup of coffee?

The French Press can help you reconcile these issues, while still delivering delicious coffee.

The most cost- and time-effective method, the French Press can deliver a more full-flavored brew with a deep sweetness and syrupy body without the fuss.  An added plus is that it is easy to brew for more than one person at once using this method.

Save yourself time in the morning and follow our guidance in using the French Press here.


Are you old-school in your methods? Do you like simple, yet historical and iconic, things?

Discover the Moka Pot.

A unique contraption, the Moka Pot is perfect for espresso-lovers on a budget.  Though it produces a coffee that is closer to a very concentrated cup of percolated coffee than an espresso, the Moka Pot delivers the qualities of a loveable espresso without the expensive machine.  It’s a charming apparatus that is small enough to be portable and can be used right on your stovetop.  The Moka Pot will take you back in time with its iconic history, perfect for those with a deep appreciation for the past.

Learn how to master this iconic method here.


Whatever type of coffee drinker you are, the first stop on your coffee journey should always be a great specialty coffee. Browse through our webshop and find something that suits your tastes! If you lack the proper supplies and equipment, we’ve got you covered. In any case, we hope you can find a way to enjoy your coffee and lift your spirit.


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