We believe in coffee

Excellent locally roasted coffee, served hot and on bone china is a welcome site at meetings, and not just with clients. For employees too appreciate an investment in quality, working harder and concentrating more when served with Specialty Coffee.

Coffee has always been a social lubricant, while in some countries it’s even more than that, serving as a peace offering. Yet even in Europe, a cup of good coffee served at the start of a meeting sets the right tone and sends the right signal, namely that you care and that you mean business.

The Start-up Coffee Company

Like you, we are entrepreneurs with an eye for quality and opportunity. Having grown up with coffee in our blood, Apex has been created to provide top quality coffee as a service.

Everything has been designed to make it easy for you: easy and virtually paperless admin, regular fresh deliveries at your office, and really top tasting specialty coffee. It means that even if you’re a little company you can enjoy big service from your coffee company. Have a look here, and see what we mean.

Quality over quantity

Passionate about quality, we choose our coffee with care: where it comes from (sustainable), where it’s roasted (small batch, local Belgian expertise), and how’s it’s packed and served (Moccamaster machines).

We want you, your employees and your clients to enjoy something really exceptional, something you’ve never taste before – and we want to make it really easy for you.

Do you want to know more, have a chat and get a quote? Try us for size.

Coffee as a service – made in Belgium

Belgium is a country of “good food” and “great conversation”. It’s no wonder therefore that Brussels, as both the Belgian and European Capital, is a melting pot of the finest high quality food and drinks the world has to offer. There is no doubt that Belgium is a country that is proud of its long tradition of gastronomy, and rightly so.

Coffee – however – still has a long way to go.

Remarkably, the country has long boasted one of the largest coffee ports in the world, yet only now are we beginning to see the fruits of that, as the small but thriving specialty coffee community grows. So while everyone can wax lyrical about this or that beer, or the flavoured bouquet of fine wine, coffee is still thought of in terms of either “strong” or “intense”. This has to change.

Apex offers you a window to the best roasters this country has to offer. Their roasts – and our service – will make you discover new aromas in your coffee, like cherries, chocolate and citrus. Together – we’ll help you rediscover what “enjoying a cup of coffee” really means. We’ll wrap your meetings and brainstormings in inspiring aromas and taste, and we’ll make your guests know what “you’re welcome” truly means.

Apex Coffee offers you authentic wrapped quality in a seamless office coffee service.

Discover what we have to offer and join us!