Our Roasters

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Apex Coffee collaborates with passionate and talented people that bring authentic quality to life on a day-to-day basis. Each of our coffee partners is someone you can meet and get to know, and each has an atelier that you can visit.

In a nutshell, working with Apex means enjoying the fruits of real Belgian and European entrepreneurs. But equally, enjoying our products also means supporting dozens of other entrepreneurial families, from the growers in Guatemala to a bureau in Brussels.

Mok Micro-Roastery
While Mok has only been in existence since 2012, it has already managed to make a strong impression in a short amount of time.
Not only does Mok boast the “cup tasting champion” of 2014. They have convinced several bars and - starred - restaurants to take the coffee they serve to the next level.
Normo MicroRoastery and Coffeebar
Since it's inception, Normo has been at the forefront of the Antwerp coffee scene.
An absolute respect for the product and a continuous search for the right roasting are two of the hallmarks of this landmark micro-roastery.
Or Coffee Roasters
Or Coffee has been an active sourcer and roaster since 2001.
With 2 coffee bars in Brussels, and 2 in Ghent and a host of reputable clients both nationally and internationally, they have built up a strong reputation in the vanguard of the Belgian coffee scene.
Satemwa Tea Estate
Satemwa is a 3rd generation family owned Tea and Coffee Estate in the ShireHighlands of Malawi established in 1923.

For nearly 100 years they've have been crafting superior teas and coffees which are exported around the world. Now they've partnered with their community to add a unique artisanal line up of white, oolong, black and dark teas. Must-taste!
Maison Dandoy
Maison Dandoy is a Brussels culinary landmark. In their own words, they "want to make your senses twinkle and dance".

With oven-fresh biscuits rich in flavor, sweet in scent and capricious in figure. All these guilty pleasures are handmade in their Brussels atelier, with 100% natural ingredients just like their great-greatgreat grandfather did 180 years ago. Made with skill and care in a truly artisanal way. These are the biscuits that will love you back.
Technivorm has manufactured quality coffee makers in a village in the heart of Holland since 1964 . Each machine is handmade and individually tested. Technivorm has a huge fan base and receives consistent top rankings for their coffee makers in Europe and the U.S.