Basecamp Espresso

a shot of intensity
The Concept
Due to its speed and style, espresso has won over coffee drinkers everywhere. It brings you intensity in a cup: the perfect way to kickstart your day!
Apex provides you with high quality coffee roasted especially for espresso. Combine that with the best machines and the result is an espresso experience that your tastebuds will thank you for.
The Coffee
We provide you with high quality coffee beans freshly roasted especially for espresso. Our Basecamp blends combine the best flavors from origins around the globe, creating a perfectly balanced espresso for you to enjoy. The coffee is roasted just before it is shipped to you, guaranteeing that your coffee will always be fresh. Based on your daily consumption and the number of employees in your company, we calculate exactly how much coffee you will need.
The Machine
Without a great machine, there is no great coffee. We only offer state of the art machines from the best manufacturers so that you can enjoy espresso of equal caliber. We keep it simple for you and offer automated machines so that you aren’t wasting your valuable time. One push and your cup is ready!

We offer machines from Jura and Bunn.
The Service
Every 2 weeks, we'll deliver coffee to your doorstep in perfectly measured packages. The package is designed exclusively to fill your machine's tank.