Apex Brewing Guide – Drip Coffee

Brewing a perfect cup of drip coffee

Drip coffee is – as for as we are concerned –  the best way to release all the aromas your beans contain. A well-prepared drip coffee lightens up your morning or afternoon, and puts a smile on your face that will last the wole day. Our brewing guide explains you the steps to get the most out of it!

You’ll need

  • kettle
  • a (digital) scale
  • a coffee grinder (you can also buy your coffee pre-ground – in that case, make sure it is the right grind size – and fresh)
  • a (porcelain) dripper
  • server
  • a filter (organic or not)
  • a porcelain cup
  • great, freshly roasted specialty coffee!

Step 1

Apex Brewing Guide - Hario Kettle - Drip Coffee

Boil 600 to 700 ml of pure, filtered water in a kettle. It represents twice as much water as what you need in your cup. If you have a boiler with temperature settings, bring it to to 90°-95°C (92°C to be exact).

Step 2

Apex Brewing Guide - Hario Scale Grinder - Drip Coffee

Weight approximately 25-30 grams of freshly roasted coffee beans with a digital scale. Grind the beans at a size that roughly equals sea salt grains.

Step 3

Apex Brewing Guide - Hario Paper Filter - Drip Coffee

Fold the filter’s side in order to perfectly place it in the porcelain dripper.

Step 4

Apex Brewing Guide - Hario Kettle Porcelain Dripper Clean Range Server Paper Filter - Drip Coffee


Pour the dripper with half of your hot water to saturate the filter, warm the porcelain and the carafe – Keeping about 400g (40cl) of water for brewing. Then, fill the filter with your ground coffee, make sure to settle it evenly by shaking the dripper. First, make the coffee bloom: pour 50-70g of water onto the grounds to wet them fully. After 30 seconds pour the rest of the water in it, half of it going spiral out, and the second half spiral in. Make sure you never directly touch the paper filter with the water. It will just pass by the coffee without extracting.

Step 5

Apex Brewing Guide - Hario Clean Range Server Cup - Drip Coffee

Your cup is ready to be served. Have a great coffee! #liftyourspirit

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