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We work for customers like ourselves, people who are passionate and open-minded.

At Apex Coffee we are passionate about our coffee. Are you?
Take the test and see how addicted to coffee you and your office are.

Some people are just crazy about their coffee. They are used to enjoying quality flavour at home and in the streets, and perhaps they are even regular visitors of one of our roasting partners. Whatever it is, they look for the same quality in their office: great origins and taste, and a product that has been roasted and ground to perfection.

Others are absolute believers of a first impression and a real welcome; after all, coffee is one of the first things you offer when a prospect or client walks through the door. You can’t beat that feeling of knowing you’re off to a good start when the client’s eyes light up at the taste of your coffee. It’s the perfect beginning setting the tone for an inspiring conversation.

Finally, there are those who want to offer their employees and colleagues something different. They like true and authentic products. They love knowing all about a product, especially from fellow entrepreneurs with a story to tell.

But of course – no matter who you are, or what kind of coffee lover you may be – all clients want seamless service. They look for a minimum of administration, and a maximum of service. They value our paperless way of working and our deliveries ‘made to measure’. They like how they can get great quality on machines that need virtually no maintenance. And they appreciate how they have a coffee service that can handle anything from 2 to 20 people on just one machine.

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