Signature Filter Coffee

Unleash the aromas
The Concept
Drip coffee - as far as we are concerned - produces the most flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee. A well-prepared drip coffee lightens up your morning or afternoon, and puts a smile on your face that will last the whole day.
The Coffee
We provide you with the highest quality beans, always freshly roasted to unleash the coffee’s best qualities. Highlighting the best aspects of origins across the globe, our Signature blends offer a balanced flavour, combining the chocolate notes of South America with the acidity of Africa.
The Machine
The Moccamaster machine, handmade by Technivorm, is the premier tool for achieving great drip coffee. Its one liter thermos makes it perfect for serving your colleagues or clients. Our packages are measured to contain the exact amount of coffee that you will need.
The Service
Every 2 weeks, we package and deliver freshly ground coffee to your doorstep. Shipped in exact portions, all you need to do is put it in the filter and turn your machine on!