Meet Kibibi, Coffeeloving Intern from across the Ocean

Kibibi joins us all the way from Furman College, South Carolina, US of A! When she’s not running around Brussels for classes  – or travelling all across our beloved city and Europe – she’s spreading coffee love as our webshop guru!

Kibibi, Intern at Apex Coffee



Myrtle Beach, SC, USA

Alma Mater, Degree?

Furman University, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Asian Studies

How did you get into coffee?

It began with a need for caffeine and a place to study during the school year. I found myself frequenting the local coffee shop scene in the town surrounding my university, and my weekly trips became daily. The more trips I made, the longer my conversations with the baristas became, and that was that.

What is your first memory of coffee?

Growing up, my dad was a huge coffee drinker. I would see him drink his five cups a day and beg for him to let me have my own cup because I thought it smelled so good. While he started to cut back on his coffee consumption, mine increased exponentially!

What do you do at Apex coffee?

Right now, I’m interning as a part of my university’s study abroad program. I do a lot with marketing: working on the webshop, the blog, and things of that nature. All fun stuff.

Favorite coffee of the year?

I’ll let you know by the end of the year…

What do you order when you go to a bar?

Depends on the night, but I’m trying to test out all the Belgian beer I can while I am here. So far, my favorite has been Kriek.

Favorite book?

God of Small Things- Arundhati Roy

Why would you recommend an internship at Apex?

Working at Apex is a fantastic experience for those who think creatively and are looking for an immersive work environment.

Time spent in the office is always dynamic; assignments require collaboration and development, the end sight always being success! I have had so many opportunities to learn how a startup works and I have the added bonus of being a study abroad student seeing sides of Brussels that I did not know existed.

The bottom line is, if you are looking for a challenging and hands-on work experience, Apex will test your abilities in more ways than simply being the intern who has to make the coffee run.  You will have opportunities to see, and experience, every aspect of running a business, minus the mundanity that one would expect from an office!

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