Meet Jehan, Coffeeloving Intern Numero Uno

Jehan is our first intern – hurray! He decided to discover startup – and coffee – life before jumping into the rest of his career. Easy to say it was a match made in heaven!

Jehan, Intern at Apex Coffee


Brussels, Belgium.

Alma Mater, Degree?

ULB, Master degree in Business Engineering at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (June 2015).

What do you find interesting about coffee? 

Many people might think about coffee just as a commodity good they are used to drink, available all around the globe… But this thought actually hides a complex product and process behind: it takes time to grow the plants, cultivate it, develop the production and get the right roasting know-how. There are a lot of steps before obtaining a final product of a great quality.

Coffee farmers, workers and roasters master a unique knowledge that’s not available to anybody.

Moreover, in the specialty coffee business, there is a lot to tell to the customers, who usually don’t realise what makes their daily cup great – or not. It is indeed possible to make them experiment new tastes, new flavours and aroma they would never have tried before on their own. It is a whole educational process for the taste buds and this provides many business opportunities!

So overall, I really like the principle of innovation with an ‘old’ and spread product, together with an important knowledge factor and cutting-edge craft, and Apex gathers all these aspects.

What is your first memory of coffee?

My parents drinking it everyday in the morning.

What do you do at Apex?

Tasting coffees! And essentially learning about the Belgian coffee business revolution, and preparing future projects together with the team to make them successful. Also, I’m using my artistic skills to reinforce Apex’s branding.

Favorite coffee of the year?

Still waiting for it…

What do you order when you go to a bar?

If not at a coffee bar, I like a good and fresh Belgian beer, or a Scandinavian cider.

Favorite Book?

“Mémoires d’Outre-Tombe” from Chateaubriand, although still not finished yet.

Why would you recommend an internship at Apex?

I’ll describe three main reasons to work at Apex, but this is not an exhaustive list!

First, I really enjoy the diversity and variety of the tasks. As a member of the startup, I help in the idea generation, IT integration, design, marketing, bike deliveries and sales to customers at the bio-market (among others). Also, all days are very different and often unexpected, you’ll never get bored at Apex!

Second, the atmosphere is really great. The small team allows to get to know everyone and working in a relaxed spirit, though concentrated.

Finally, all the work I’m doing is very concrete, as I spend time on a task and see the results quasi immediately. This is very rewarding as a young intern!

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Apex is always on the lookout for passionate interns. Think a stay with us might be something for you? Check out the blogpost and drop us a mail!

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