Spotlight: La Candelilla Geisha

Apex has in a new limited edition single origin speciality coffee La Candelilla Geisha from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica that you can buy online HERE or in our store. We are excited to share this coffee’s story with you.

La Candelilla Geisha is unique and distinct unlike any other coffee you’ve experienced. The flavors of blueberry and mango combine with a creamy body and a hint of olive in the finish to give the perfect balance of flavor. Roasted by Mok Micro-Roastery in Leuven and obtained from coffee trader Falcon Coffee, the rich aromatic experience will impress both coffee beginners and experienced baristas alike with its accessible yet sophisticated flavor. For as long as supplies last, Apex is making this unique roast available to you at Apex Coffee Bar.

As you soak in the flavor of La Candelilla Geisha, you should know that the story and history behind the coffee is equally as noteworthy. The Geisha coffee seeds used by La Candelilla in this coffee is what makes this roast such an aromatic experience.

La Candelilla Geisha

Originating in Ethiopia, the coffee spread across Central America and became known as an incredible cup of coffee. Panama is often referred to as the birthplace of Geisha coffee as it was where the seed was first grown commercially, but it was an employee of the Ministry of Agriculture called Don Pachi that brought the seed from Costa Rica to Panama.

Within Costa Rica, this seed found its way to the Sanchez family in the Talamanca mountains of the Tarrazu region. The mountain’s rich volcanic soil and the family’s delicate and high standard approach pushed this coffee seed to new heights. For five generations, this family has worked this land. In 2000, the nine brothers and sisters combined their land together to form the La Candelilla Estate and Micro Mill, which was the first of its kind in Costa Rica.

Regarded as one of the best coffee producers in the country, La Candelilla remains one of the few producers in Costa Rica still utilizing traditional fermentation techniques. The family uses natural processing techniques meaning that the coffee is dried. This gives a higher flavor profile to the coffee.

La Candelilla Estate and Micro Mill is located in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. As the biggest coffee producing region in Costa Rica, coffee is deeply rooted in the culture and lives of the locals. For the Sanchez family and for the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, coffee is a way of life.

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