Meet Tainy, our most dynamic barista!

Meet Tainy, our most dynamic barista! If you stop by the bar, you will never see her sitting still. Whether she’s baking a fresh batch of her favorite vegan cookies, brewing you up your coffee, or designing a cool flyer using her graphic design skills, she is always on the move serving Apex and its customers.

Tainy has been a barista since 2014. Coming up on four years of bringing delicious hot coffee to our shaky cold hands in the morning, she still loves being able to bring people together through coffee. Tainy makes sure everyone who walks in leaves with a smile.

While she grew up in Dijon, France, she has lived in London and now Brussels for six years. She was brought to the area to study art and graphic design. When she is not serving coffee at Apex, Tainy can be found walking her dog Chico around Brussels or enjoying the peace of Parc d’Egmont near Notre-Dame du Sablon.

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Coffee Order: Filter Coffee

Favorite Place in Brussels: Cabaret Mademoiselle (All the drinks are made in Belgium!)

Favorite City: Amsterdam

Secret talent(s):

1. Can lift her own body weight in coffee.

2. Hide n’ Seek Champion – Can hide and fit in the tiAniest of places!

Favorite Saying: “Non peut-être” – This is a Belgian expression for “yes,” but it literally measn “no, maybe.”


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