Meet Rene, our most energetic barista!

Meet Rene, our most energetic barista. If you stop by the bar, you will be sure to see him dancing around as he prepares your coffee. He has been a barista for almost three years and loves meeting new people and chatting with customers in the bar.

Originally from Stavanger, Norway, Rene has lived in Denmark, Norway, France, and now Belgium, and he speaks four languages. His favorite part about living in Brussels is the multicultural and chaotic environment. When he is not serving coffee at Apex, Rene can be found playing frisbee in the park or hanging out with friends in Sint-Gilles.


Coffee Order: Filter Coffee

Favorite Place in Brussels: Parc van Vorst

Favorite City: Paris, Berlin, and oh Brussels too

Secret talent: Hula Hooping

Favorite Quote: “Wiggle you big toe. Wiggle you big toe. Wiggle you big toe.”


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