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Here at Apex, we are always looking for news ways to spread our love for delicious coffee.

We realize that coffee really matters to people, and not only at the office. It is something to be enjoyed with your loved ones, whether it is in a coffee bar or at home. 

To those who already knew us, we wanted to offer the opportunity to enjoy our coffee without worries. To those who are discovering us, we wanted to convey our love for good coffee. This is why we have elaborated three packages and subscriptions, inspired by the best-sellers of our crowdfunding.

Discovery Pack

Discovery Pack

You are not the type of person who likes to commit at first sight? You’re looking for some special gift for a loved one?  Try our discovery pack! No commitment what so ever, only four samples (55gr) of our greatest coffees (our classic Apex BXL Blend and three single origins from each of our roasters). Bonus,  a French Press! Yes, yes, yes, this way you will also get to discover a classical coffee maker – one of the easiest ones to start with. Say bye-bye to bad coffee mornings, and hello to the wonderful world of specialty coffee!

Apex Bxl Blend - 6 Months Subscription

Apex BXL Blend: 6 months Subscription

There are a lot of things in life you can be uncertain of… But one certainty is that our BXL Blend will never let you down. This generous blend of Brazilian and Ethiopian beans is rich in chocolate taste, with a hint of acidity. Whether you like espresso or filter coffee, you can be sure that this blend will enlighten your mornings and give you that little kick you need to get your day started. Commit now for 6 months, and see the difference 500 gr of coffee can make in your life!


Roaster's Delight

Roaster’s Delight

Have you already set a foot in the world of specialty coffee? Are you familiar with our BXL Blend and want to discover something new but as good and exciting? The Roaster’s Delight is the answer to all your requests! Subscribe now and you will plunge into four months of discovery and pleasure. The first month, you will get three samples of 70gr to have a first taste of what our roasters are capable of. The next three months, you will get to enjoy a full 210gr of single origin, each time by another roaster.



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