Dip Your Pen in Apex Coffee – Writing Intern In Residence Wanted

Looking for a challenging internship in a genuine startup – and do you have a passion for good food and great writing?

At the Startup Coffee Company – home of Apex Coffee – we’re waiting for you – specialty coffee in hand.

What do we do? We provide delicious coffee to homes, streets and offices – from the lonely freelancer to the corporate behemoth – in the Brussels Area. Be it in our Bar-slash-Warehouse, or at our customer’s premises, we sell and serve roasted coffee, machines, and provide the necessary service to guarantee a truly perfect cup – whether at home, at work or in the (Schaerbeek) streets. That’s why we work with some of Belgium’s best specialty roasters, and with world-famous machine producers.

Because we’re always developing new ways to make our customers happy – and find new ones to delight, we’re looking for creative minds to join us. We have some great projects lined up for you to sink your teeth in!

What we are looking for


In general, you are creative, interested and hard working, with a good dose of common sense. You like high-flying ideas as much as you relish getting your hands dirty. You have a good grasp of the English language. Knowledge of French and/or Dutch is a plus, but the lack thereof not a deal-breaker. You have a mind bent on discovery, but you know your deadlines.

The project at hand? We have great customers and partners. We have the honor to serve them in a city that is an amazing – sometimes – frustrating – blend of cultures, thoughts and ideas.  It is that mix that will be your playground. You will engage with the people we work with, the people that we serve, and bring their stories to life on a background of specific subjects. No promo mumble: stories and ideas (allez, a bit of promo mumble, we’re not holier-than-thou). In addition, some help on the nitty-gritty: blend and machine descriptions, mailings, etc.

That’s why we need somebody that loves to travel town, knows writing, has a way with people, is productive, and can handle a (cellphone) camera in nice-ish way. Someone that loves inspirational talks, but doesn’t shy away from creating an a to z on cleaning your water tank.

Interested? Pop us a mail!

What we offer you


First of all, an experience you can truly build upon as a future professional. Not only will you have the opportunity to participate in a project in your field of interest and build it from the ground up, we will coach you on your way – to make sure your stay with us is a happy – and an inspiring – one.

A possibility to experience true startup life in the heart of Belgium – and Europe – free BXL transport included.

Last but not least – truly delicious coffee, by Belgium’s best Roasters. Hurray!
We start accepting new interns as from Now – the whole year through. As we really want you to get a meaningful experience to build on, we recommend you to spend at least 6 weeks in our midst.

Interested? Drop us a mail, tell us a bit about yourself & include a cv. We’ll contact you within a week!

Any questions? We are here for you.
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