Our Services

Made to your Measure

At APEX, we have the coffee products and service you’ll adore.

It’s why we’ve created a new concept of “Coffee as a Service”, ideal for companies enjoying 8 cups a day and upwards. We provide everything you need to be a good host.


The Technivorm Moccamaster is a stylish workhorse. Its precision and ease-of-use has impressed thousands of customers in the past 40 years. We deliver this hand-built piece of art to your doorstep, and guarantee it’s use.

In the event it should break down we’ll get you a new machine – the same day – while your machine is in repair.

Coffee Delivery

Coffee quality peaks for 2 to 4 weeks, after which quality degrades. We deliver freshly roast ground coffee to your doorstep – every two weeks. We select from Belgium’s best roasters. We grind and package specifically for our machines – and for the best possible flavour in your cup.

Full Service

We provide everything you need to make your guest and coffees feel truly welcome. Biscuits by Dandoy, Porcelain cups, paper cups, sugar, stirrers: you name it. We select these product with 2 things in mind: quality and sustainability.


We offer monthly subscriptions: you’ll have your machine days after subscribing, and you can stop the service on a monthly basis, no strings attached.

Book a tasting, and if you’re interested in quality coffee, please get in touch.